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Gym fitness to improve physical fitness to know the common sense

Issuing time:2020-05-05 10:00

Our fitness is to improve our physical fitness, and good health is also the basis of our healthy life. Although going to the gym to work out can improve our physical fitness, there are some common sense that should be paid attention to. If we fail to pay attention to the common sense of good fitness, it will affect our fitness.


1.Not having a good mindset

Gym fitness is usually a certain time to see the effect, if you want to lose 10 pounds a day, you can immediately practice out of the natural mermaid waistline is impossible to do.

2. Incomplete fitness plan

The formulation of fitness plan should be a little more detailed, not only to include the corresponding physical training should also do strength training, in addition, also need to arrange the corresponding exercise time and frequency, of course, can not ignore the diet collocation, suitable collocation of nutrition can give fitness better energy supply.

According to individual bodily form is different, the plan of fitness also is different, the fitness plan of the fitness plan that increases muscle crowd and reduce fat crowd is different, cannot copy the fitness plan of other family completely so, add a few to accord with him appropriately actual circumstance will be better.

3. Poor command of movement

Fitness strength aerobics is very important, aerobic training training time is long, most of the people who reduce fat, and strength training as the use of fitness, do the corresponding movement practice should also avoid some of the wrong way.

Aerobic training: aerobic can not be excessive, excessive will cause harm to the body, of course, to reduce fat to maintain the corresponding exercise intensity is also necessary, the general exercise more than 45 minutes burning fat effect will appear, really want to reduce the body fat control in this time is more appropriate.

Strength training: strength training is the key to build a tall and straight figure, we need to practice for a long time to be more effective, strength training programs are diverse, exercise to properly do the appropriate warm-up, to avoid the beginning of their own unbearable training intensity, step by step exercise is the right way.

4.Get fit

Poor fitness schedule will also affect the daily exercise, proposed to strength training schedule, aerobic 30% would be sufficient, weekly fitness schedule should pay attention to rest and interval, the beginning of the new 3 times a week is enough, when to adapt to the training intensity, can also be appropriate to add some training days.

5.Keep track of your fitness achievements

One of the benefits of digitization of your body changes in the fitness process is that you can know at any time which stage you are in the fitness, weight gain and loss, whether the amount of training is sufficient, and how long the training cycle is at a glance.

6. Wear appropriate fitness clothes and protective gear

If fitness equipment is well worn, the risk of sports injury can be reduced during the fitness process. Moreover, protective equipment can specifically protect the target muscle group, making the training process more comfortable and the fitness mood better.

7. Water and energy supplement accordingly

Adequate water can make your body metabolism and digestion become better. Dietary collocation is the key part of it. Proper collocation of corresponding nutrition can make your exercise loss more quickly and make it easier to achieve the goal of increasing muscle and reducing fat.

And of course can't overload training, exercise proper transform their movement exercises, practice big muscles and then practice the small muscles and so on the fitness of common sense, to understand better the corresponding fitness goals, fitness plan will be more perfect, so the choice of fitness programs will also have a more clear understanding, combined with their own actual situation more better go fitness, nutrition and diet formula will be more reasonable, so your body quality will also because fitness better.

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