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Are you avoiding any of these fitness myths?

Issuing time:2020-05-09 10:00

Fitness has become a popular way of life more and more accepted by people,and novice fitness because of some fitness errors do not have a clear understanding,so the process of exercise often appear a variety of problems,today to popularize some fitness more likely to make mistakes.


1. Improper control of exercise intensity

Some new people who just start the fitness do not understand their physical conditions,leading to excessive exercise intensity when fitness,resulting in physical injury,which is very wrong,the fitness process must pay attention to.

2.Exercising at the wrong time

The time of fitness also has stand or fall cent,cause when fitness, the pressure of cardiac blood vessel is the biggest when,and blood pressure of heartbeat is balanced relatively in the evening,because this evening fitness is better than in the morning.

3.Gulp down water during exercise

Exercise often has the feeling of thirst,we can be appropriate to supplement water,but too much water is likely to cause shock.

4.Exercise without warming up

No matter what type of exercise you do,it's important to warm up and stretch your muscles before and after your workout to reduce your risk of muscle and joint injuries.

5.Exercise without a plan

A fitness plan that's right for you can help you achieve your fitness goals,something that new exercisers often overlook.

6.Not knowing how to control your diet

The diet collocation before and after bodybuilding can make the nutrition lost in the process of bodybuilding be fully supplemented,which is of great significance to the recovery of muscle and the sense of fatigue in bodybuilding.

7.Not knowing how to schedule your breaks

Rest is also a key factor determining the fitness effect.If the rest is too long and the muscle pressure is too light,the fitness effect cannot be achieved.If the rest is too short and the muscle recovery is insufficient,it is easy to lead to the risk of injury.

8.Not following up on fitness results

After the fitness plan is made,it is necessary to follow up the fitness effect and timely record your fitness process and results,which is also an important reference for you to make a more suitable training plan.

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