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How does fitness eat ability to calculate nutrition to match balanced?

Issuing time:2020-05-13 10:00

Add muscle to reduce fat to there is a true saying to call "3 minutes are exercised,7 minutes eat",visible do good fitness meal to fitness person have much more important,so how does fitness meal just can you add muscle to reduce fat to provide enough energy really while,unapt because nutrition collocation is not balanced and affect healthy?

Carbohydrates,fats and proteins are the body's most basic nutritional needs.

Carbohydrates in plain English are sugar,whether it is fructose,glucose or sucrose,all of which are added to the sugar in the body.The main food you can eat is rice, wholemeal bread,mashed potatoes, brown rice, quinoa and so on.

The effect that adipose is built to the body is good also to the body health is indispensable,we should choose good adipose when choosing, be like the adipose of olive oil,nut,flax seed,beef mutton,fish is more high grade,the 300 kilocalorie quantity of heat that takes in by the proportion should contain 3-5 grams adipose.

Fitness meal protein is indispensable,for most fitness enthusiasts,mainly from the chicken breast meat,beef,fish,eggs and other food,dairy products is also a good source of protein at the same time,if the crowd that fitness training volume is larger also can consider through protein powder,add muscle powder such as supplements to achieve rapid protein.


Some tips for eating a fitness meal

1. Breakfast must be eaten.Skipping breakfast will slow down the metabolism of the body,which has a great impact on the fitness effect.

2. Eat more meals, staple food must eat,eat more grains,rice can be reduced.

3. Eat more fruits and vegetables,raw can eat,generally speaking, raw food taste is not good,but more nutritious.

4.The simpler the meat,the better.

5. Less oil,less salt and less sugar.Choose boiling and coleslaw as far as possible in the way of cooking.

Of course,it is not enough to only eat the fitness meals to achieve a perfect body.You also need to match the corresponding aerobic exercise and equipment training.You can consult the fitness coach in advance for the training.

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