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Jiangsu invested 100 million yuan in guiding funds for the development of the sports industry

Issuing time:2020-05-05 14:00

Nanjing, Sept. 23 (xinhua)

According to the jiangsu provincial sports bureau, 117 projects received a total of 100 million yuan of jiangsu provincial sports industry development guidance funds in 2015, which is expected to drive social investment of more than 3.7 billion yuan.

Sixty-five percent of the units in these programs have never received guidance before,

and more than 80 percent are units outside the sports system.

2015 redirect funds support mainly include sports facility operation, health services, sports activities, sports equipment research and development production and sales, professional sports, sports training, sports tourism, and other categories, including sports venues, sports training, fitness health services operation were closely related to the mass fitness projects, accounting for about 45% of the total.

Guide the release of funds, including grants, subsidies, loans at a discount.

It is worth mentioning that these guiding funds are expected to boost social investment by more than 3.7 billion yuan, which shows the good guiding function and multiplier effect of the funds.

A number of enterprises use their idle factories, community real estate and other existing resources to carry out fitness services or build new fitness venues. The total investment of such projects is more than 500 million yuan, involving about 200,000 square meters of fitness venues, which has become an important supplement to public sports services.

In addition, the number of projects integrating sports and tourism, health, science and technology, media and so on is further increased, and internet-related projects such as smart sports, smart venues and smart products are preliminarily presented. Many project units actively expand their sales channels by virtue of Internet e-commerce platforms and O2O (combination of online and offline) models.

A number of sports service platform projects with various forms and rich contents have emerged, such as exhibition, BBS, information and finance.

The content of sports events has been further innovated, and the level of public participation has been gradually increased.

In addition, a number of industrial projects related to fashion sports such as ice and snow, football, equestrian, aviation flight and rv have emerged, injecting new vitality into the development of new sports consumption hot spots and the cultivation of potential sports industry.

Since its establishment in 2011, the guiding fund for the development of sports industry in jiangsu province has invested 400 million yuan over the past five years, supporting 570 sports industry projects and stimulating social investment of nearly 24 billion yuan. It has become an important force in promoting the development of sports industry in jiangsu province.

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